Sunday, October 02, 2005

City Desk Newshour: Snowed In

Last Friday night's edition of the Comcast City Desk Newshour included a clueless discussion of last week's poorly-conceived, Fillmore St. ski jump publicity stunt. Dan Levy (SF Chronicle), Rachel Gordon (SF Chronicle), Marisa Lagos (SF Examiner), and Charlie Goodyear (SF Chronicle), all thought the event was good for San Francisco, while conceding it won't happen again in that location. It's odd that a group of journalists in a city with district elections didn't think to discuss the potential political implications of the event. The reality: If District Two Supervisor Alioto-Pier runs for re-election, her passive approach to the gratuitous disruption of a neighborhood in her district provides future opponents with an issue to use against her.
If all politics are local, they are really local in a city that has district elections.

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