Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tourism and the neighborhoods

Okay, tourism is the city's leading industry, which inevitably involves a certain amount of pimping off of the city's sights and neighborhoods. But the neighborhoods must have the right to veto outlandish, disruptive events, like the ski jump on Fillmore St. proposed by a manufacturer of wax for snowboards. It's astonishing the crackpot scheme is still alive, since it involves importing 10,000 cubic feet of snow into the neighborhood. Supervisor Alioto-Pier is walking in her sleep politically if she doesn't put a stop to this stunt. According to a story in the SF Examiner ("Organizers Trying to Bring Back Ski Jump Contest," Sept. 8), the wax-maker will be meeting with members of that community on Thursday, Sept. 15, to discuss the proposal at the "Cavalry"[sic] Presbyterian Church, 2515 Fillmore St., at 6:30 p.m.