Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Bicycle Coalition endorses Critical Mass

The Bicycle Coalition has not removed Critical Mass from its website calendar of events. It may have been off temporarily---at least I couldn't find it for a while---but it's back. The folks that were the main public "outreach" source for the Bicycle Plan---a 200-page document that the Board of Supervisors, incredibly, will soon vote to make part of the General Plan---think it's important to remind their membership to be sure and help screw up rush-hour traffic downtown this Friday. 

Critical Mass shows contempt both for working people and for small businesses in the downtown area. Why do they do it? There's never a specific political goal being dramatized, and cyclists have no grievance against city government, which regularly rolls over for their minority agenda. They evidently indulge themselves at everyone else's expense just because they can.

Insult to injury: The bike zealots also think they're cute. It's "Pee-Wee" Herman Plaza, not Justin Herman Plaza. And, remember, if you're caught in downtown traffic Friday evening, the bike zealots are not "blocking" traffic, they are the traffic, because it's all about them.

How long is the city's progressive community going to put up with this foolishness? Indefinitely, it seems. You will of course never read any criticism of Critical Mass in the SF Bay Guardian---or even in the SF Chronicle and the Examiner, for that matter.

And D5 Supervisor Mirkarimi actually endorses Critical Mass.

Critical Mass! Fri., Apr. 29 6pm Justin "Pee-Wee" Herman Plaza, Foot of Market St. Join hundreds or thousands of other cyclists- remember- we are not blocking traffic- we ARE traffic! (

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