Friday, July 22, 2005

Bevan is Listening. Is Joanne?

To Joanne Minsky/PROSF:
July 21, 2005

"UC outgrew the Laguna-Haight location for their Extension program." That is simply untrue. Even UC hasn't claimed that they "outgrew" that location. Rather, they claim they can't afford to bring it up to a standard of usability due to long-deferred maintenance, ADA requirements, seismic upgrades, etc. The fact that they are paying more than $2 million a year to lease downtown space for the same operation shows that the mega-institution's claim of poverty is a lie. Why doesn't UC just put the $2 million into rehabbing the Laguna-Haight location? The answer is obvious: They want to cash in on a property they have had tax-free from the city since 1958.

Rob Anderson

July 20, 2005
UC out grew the Laguna-Haight location for their Extension program. Extensions programs serve people who have jobs for the most part, people who are trying to better themselves and continue their education. It's easy for people who have completed their education or are able to take classes during normal work hours. But it isn't easy for regular working people, care givers who can't get out during the day, or who those who can't attend UC Berkeley or Cal State SF. Higher education should be available to everyone. City College only provides technical and lower division classes. If you are working on a BA, you need university classes. Extension also provides many interesting classes that broaden one's horizon. Education is for everyone and a new Extension facility will provide that.
Joanne Minsky

July 19, 2005
Supervisor Dufty on UC's proposal for the old extension site: "I am listening to the ongoing Community Outreach process. I am aware that there is interest in maintaining the site as a public purpose, such as the New College campus. I am open to that discussion and met with New College's President last week. So while I don't have a position, I am listening to all sides." Dufty should listen to this: In spite of their claims of poverty, UC is now paying $1.26 million at 425 Market St. and $846,000 at 95 Third St. to house the Extension program that used to be at the Laguna-Haight location.
Rob Anderson

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