Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Semi-final D5 totals on campaign spending

  • Ross Mirkarimi: $82,796
  • Robert Haaland: $82,764
  • Lisa Feldstein: $82,377
  • Nick Waugh: $77,176
  • Jim Siegel: $70,033
  • Andrew Sullivan: $53,136
  • Emmett Gilman: $35,413
  • Dan Kalb: $35,149
  • Joseph Blue: $17,693
  • Susan King: $9,604
  • Tys Sniffen: $9,111
  • Phoenix Streets: $8,156
  • Patrick Ciocca: $5,585

The spending limit for supervisorial campaigns was $83,000. Paperwork for candidates Francis Somsel, Bill Barnes, Michael O'Connor is incomplete at the Ethics Commission, and no totals for their campaigns are available, though, as of Oct. 16, 2004, Barnes showed expenditures of $41,218. Neither H. Brown nor I raised any money and weren't required to file. I didn't see a Campaign Disclosure Statement for Phillip House, Vivian Wilder, Julian Davis, or Brett Wheeler, though the latter probably has one in the file somewhere. I'll make another trip to the Ethics Commission office soon to tie up loose ends and search for overlooked documents.



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