Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pay up, you cheap bastards!

Marisa Lagos, staff writer for the SF Examiner, has done the city a great service by writing a nice little story in today's Examiner that compares bus fares in SF ($1.25) to fares in other cities: in Chicago bus riders pay $1.75; in New York they pay $2.00; and $1.65 in Portland, Oregon. And a fast pass is more expensive in those cities, too: Chicago's is $75; New York's is $70; and Portland's is $60. Ours is still a measly $45.

Everyone I see on the bus in the morning surely can afford 25 cents more to ride the Muni.

And, while I'm on the subject of nickel-nosing, I think everyone can also afford to pay 17 cents for their shopping bags to reflect part of the real cost of dealing with all the bags blowing around in our environment.

In short, quit your sniveling and pay up, you cheap bastards!

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