Monday, February 28, 2005

More info on D5 campaign spending

Bill Barnes, Francis Somsel, Michael O'Connor, and Brett Wheeler still haven't filed their paperwork to show how much they spent on their campaigns for D5 Supervisor (I've listed the totals for candidates who have below). The incomplete filings by Brett Wheeler are difficult to decipher, since he or whoever filled out his Form 460 (Campaign Disclosure Statement) filled it out incorrectly, leaving Column B blank, which is where the Calendar Year to Date total should be. As of 9/20/04, Wheeler had raised $22,848. But the 10/16/04 form leaves out the totals for the year, and, oddly, reads as if he started that period with a zero balance, even though he lists $9,902.83 in expenditures and $20,282 in Miscellaneous Increases in Cash, along with an "ending cash balance" for the period of $10,379.17. Maybe he just carried over the $22,848 from the previous period and simply filled out the forms wrong. We won't know until he files his final Campaign Disclosure Statement.

Maybe none of this is particularly important, though if those listed above have any intention of running for public office again in SF, they will have to get right with the Ethics Commission before they do. Not doing so, at the very least, would give their political opponents a serious issue before the campaign even began.

Ross Mirkarimi: $82,796
Robert Haaland: $82,764
Lisa Feldstein: $82,377
Nick Waugh: $77,176
Jim Siegel: $70,033
Andrew Sullivan: $53,136
Emmett Gilman: $35,413
Dan Kalb: $35,149
Joseph Blue: $17,693
Susan King: $9,604
Tys Sniffen: $9,111
Phoenix Streets: $8,156
Patrick Ciocca: $5,585



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